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All Party Parliamentary Group


The Whistleblowing Bill Report

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APPG Statement

IOPC Report into Rotherham Child Sex Abuse Scandal

APPG for Whistleblowing report 

Making Whistleblowing work for Society Report

Our second report is complete! We are very excited to share it with you. 


This report helpfully examines how whistleblowers fare at Employment Tribunals. In 1998, with the implementation of the Public Interest Disclosure Act through the Employment Rights Act, Employment Tribunals became the de facto bearers of justice for whistleblowers. Today, we question whether that is indeed the most appropriate institutional arrangement to, on the one hand redress and deter reprisals against whistleblowers, and on the other hand address the wrongdoing that whistleblowers raise concerns about.


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The Bill proposing the Office for the Whistleblower was proposed on the 28th January 2020 by Baroness Kramer in the House of Lords.

Click below to see our proposal.


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APPG for Whistleblowing Bill proposal

Office for the Whistleblower Bill proposal 2020


APPG for Whistleblowing report 

Our latest parliamentary report is completed. Massive thank you to everyone that contributed. This report explores the personal cost of doing the right thing and the cost to society of ignoring it.

This report shines a light on a culture that too often supports the covering up of wrongdoing and the penalising of whistleblowers. With increasing focus on organisational culture and new global laws and regulations to support transparency and whistleblowers, the UK needs a comprehensive, transparent and accessible framework and an organisation that will support whistleblowers and whistleblowing.


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The Personal Cost of Doing the Right Thing and the Cost to Society of Ignoring It.


Click here to read our highly anticipated first report. 

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